Sunday, September 01, 2002

I couldn't post 'til. So were ya able to get by without me (your summer fix)? Yeah, I knew you'd be ok....good bloggers that you are - Admiring your shiny halo's (oohhh pretty!)-And I'm just kidding about the summer fix.

My life lately is about as exciting as a bowl of oatmeal - all flat, lumpy and needing some cinnamon and I don't know, maybe a comatose amount of sugar.

My life really isn't all that good, nothing to brag about. If I had a life, I wouldn't be spending so much time playing on the computer. But then again, life isn't all sunshine and roses either. Life is still good. But sometimes it feels like both my hands are holding on a set of iron bars and I'm in some god forsaken cell, and I'm unable to be set free. Where's the fuckin' key?

Reading, writing and humor, also getting out doing things for others helps in getting back on keel. To stretch the limits and face that fiery dragon, and meet the forces with not a spear, but with my heart.

It is not easy; for I am proud, selfish and do not like to be vulnerable, nor exposed. The dragon, the fire, the captive cell is parts of my OWN being. It is the narcissisist, the angry bitch, the self-inflicted mashochist the shallow helpless waif and the inner unloved child having a fit.

Okay. Deep breath. Sorry for the violins and drama.(embracing...finding the inner child and taking her in a reassuring hug). Hm. This entry should be deleted, but I will let it be.

Just never mind the big feet, rubber nose and perky polka-dot outfit.... it's playtime!